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We represent young women on the YW-NS Board of Directors by appointing one of us to sit and vote.

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Help us achieve our goals!

Young Women in Action - Nova Scotia

This diary was designed and distributed by the Youth Committee Young Women in Action Nova Scotia (YW-NS). It is a committee of young French-speaking women between the ages of 14 and 25 who come from all over Nova Scotia. It was formed in September 2020 and its mission is to inform girls and young women about the status of women and to be a support for them. Members organize activities for young women and they benefit from dedicated training workshops.

The members of YW-NS have decided to embark on a social entrepreneurship project. What is social entrepreneurship? It is a company that sells a product or a service and which reinvests the profits in a social, environmental or cultural cause. YW-NS members met several times to develop two agendas adapted to the needs of young women. The profits will be reused to organize activities by or for young Francophone women in Nova Scotia!

YW-NS is part of the Federation of Acadian Women of Nova Scotia (FFANE). It is a provincial non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the personal and social development of Acadian and Francophone women in Nova Scotia.

This initiative is part of the “Girls and Women in Action: Strengthening Our Capacities” project funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada.

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Visit the youth space on the website of the Federation of Acadian Women of Nova Scotia